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Lucas Fire and Safety has joined a line of fire extinguisher technicians/ firefighters as this business has grown from being ran from Frankfort Fire Station Headquarters beginning in 1973When it grew bigger than what the Firefighters Union could handle,  Ron Bogard a now retired Frankfort firefighter took over the reigns, seeing a need in the community he couldn't just let it go away.

Ron changed the name to R & S Extinguisher while still working full time as a Frankfort firefighter.  Making sure that the community was taken care of in every aspect of fire safety.  Ron and Sarah ran and grew the business keeping the small and large businesses of Frankfort and surrounding small towns safe from 2006-2021.  

In 2021, I started helping Ron while working at the Frankfort Fire Department.  Having the passion for fire safety it was a natural fitMy family and I took a great opportunity that was offered from Ron and Sarah and purchased R&S Extinguisher in January 2022.  

When I became an Eagle Scout affirmed my desire to do what's right for my community and my passion for helping others.   We will continue the traditions that were set before us.  We want to know the PEOPLE that we assist not just the business.  Our goal is to protect you and your investments.

Lucas Fire and Safety will hold the core values that the generations of firefighters that worked hard 50 years

Schedule Your Annual Fire Extinguisher/ Emergency Exit Light Inspection 

Please Email: or Call 765-652-0838

Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection 

NFPA 10 States that all commercial properties have adequate fire extinguishers that are inspected by a Certified Extinguisher Technician yearly.  

Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Let us do the work of verifying you stay in compliance with fire code.  We will conduct a fire extinguisher safety inspection.  We will verify all extinguishers are in their rightful place and working order.  Verify all exits are free and not blocked and send you a report for your records when the job is completed.

Fire Extinguisher Training Class

Having fire extinguishers in your home or commercial building is the easy part.  Knowing how to use them, that is what makes having them worth it.  We will go over the basics of the use of a fire extinguisher then do a live fire training to put your knowledge to practical use! Please email us at to set up your next fire extinguisher class

Emergency/ Exit Lighting Inspection

Emergency/ Exit Lighting Repair